Here at Creative Times Academy we are very proud of our 30 year history of taking excellent care of children and providing parents a sense of confidence that their children are safe, learning and eating well.  But don't just take it from us.  Please read some of the parent tesimonals that we have recently recieved.

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All 3 of our kids have attended Creative Times Academy. Our oldest, Gage (now 24) loved his time here.  His most favorite time had been the summer program for the school aged kids. They took him on all kinds of adventures. They went to the dinosaur park, bike rides, and playing in the water. 

My youngest two, ages 6 and 8 currently attend. It took a little while for them to adjust since they were used to being home with grandma. When it came time for me to find an alternative, I knew this was where I wanted my kids to be. 

When Rylee was going to attending kindergarten  fall and during her assessment they had no worries that she was ready to attend thanks to her preschool class. Freddy's known his colors from just the short time he was in the infant room. 

The teachers are attentive, patient and communicate very well. I always know what's going on at the school. I never worry when they are here. 

They've made many friendships while they've been here and get attached to their teachers. It makes my heart happy to hear them singing the songs they've learned while we are driving home. I would recommend this daycare to anyone. 


Jennifer Schafer


We love creative times. Always smells so clean, they take such good care of the property, my daughter (who is a picky eater) loves their food. They have become a second family to us. My daughter is an only child and struggled with childcare settings. They helped to fit right in and find her place there. Always giving her extra love and nurturing when she needs it and encouragement. Also I have struggled with seasonal work and a government shutdown and they have been awesome to work with. The best decision we ever made was going with creative times for our transportation, afterschool, and summer needs!! . Alicia

Seriously! It's probably way too long; I just couldn't help myself! :) 



Choosing a daycare for my first child was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Choosing a daycare for my second child was one of the easiest because Creative Times is simply the best. THE BEST.

I brought my first daughter to Creative Times when she was 2 years old, after removing her from a small, home-based daycare that I was no longer comfortable with. I initially had reservations about bringing her to a center with larger classes than we were used to, but after a few days my fears were gone. She loved her teachers, and I could tell she was getting all the attention she needed. What really impressed me was how ready she was for school. When she was assessed for kindergarten, she knew everything she needed to know academically and socially, and I have the Creative Times teachers to thank for that! 

My second daughter started attending Creative Times when she was 2 months old. I hadn’t had much experience with the baby room, but quickly found out how awesome the teachers were. My daughter’s feeding habits were tricky. For 10 months, she absolutely would NOT take a bottle, no matter how hard we all tried, so I came to the daycare to nurse her during my lunch hour (which was nap time for the babies). It always amazed me to watch how the teachers spent that time thoroughly cleaning toys and preparing art projects, all while consoling and holding babies who had woken up or just needed some extra attention. There was not a down minute ever, and somehow they all still had smiles on their faces! 

My second daughter is now 3, and she loves her “school.” My oldest daughter is in second grade but still looks forward to spending her summer at Creative Times. At one point, I switched both girls to a different daycare (for personal transportation reasons only), and within two weeks I had called Creative Times to see if we could come back. The girls were unhappy, and every morning when I dropped them off, we all three cried. The level of care they received there was not at all comparable to Creative Times. Today, I go out of my way to get them to Creative Times, but it’s so incredibly worth it. Happy, safe children = happy mom who gets to work without worrying about her kids!

I love how the teachers answer the phone “It’s a great day at Creative Times!” because they truly do try to make every day wonderful for the kids. And one more thing, at the request of my children — “Creative Times has the BEST chili ever!”

The Hendricks Family