It is important for children to have a good educational foundation to ensure they are ready for kindergarten and to start the rest of their lives. We feel, in our center, that education in the first four to five years of a child's life is the most crucial. That is when they learn independence, as well as who they are.​

We have a curriculum theme that we follow each month of the year, September to May. Some topics are: Back To School, Fun in the Sun, Under the Sea, and Fun on The Farm. Each classroom follows the same theme making their activities and learning styles appropriate for the age of the children in the class. In the mix of the monthly themes the children also learn about colors, shapes, numbers, letters, opposites, science, reading, and different ways of learning.

In our facility we require our teachers to provide each child with a calendar for the present month. We ask that our parents take the calendars home and work with their children to learn more about the topics discussed throughout the month.

The children are fed according to the Child Nutrition Program guidelines, as well as what the parents would like their child to have. We work side by side to ensure the children and parents are pleased.

 We feel that through this program, the children are ready to enter kindergarten by the time they reach the end of their preschool year. 

               We take children from 6 weeks old to 6 Years old

Bumble Bees

The Bumble Bees class is our 24-36 month old room. In the Bumble Bees class, the children learn about colors, shapes, numbers 1-10, animals and the alphabet. Throughout each month, this class will have science, and sensory items in their class to enable them to expand their cognitive learning in age appropriate activities. The teacher in this classroom is very energetic and is able to create fun activities and art projects that the children love to get into. The children in this class are changed every two hours, if still in diapers. We as a staff, will work with the children to get them potty trained in this class as well as in the older class. We feel that children need to be ready and comfortable for potty training. We ask parents to watch their child at home for readiness signs and then we, as staff and parents, will work together to achieve this potty training goal.


The Butterflies class consists of our three year olds.  For the curriculum in this class, the children focus on shapes, colors, opposites, numbers 1-30, alphabet letters, understandings rules and good manners. The activities in this classroom are more advanced than that of the Bumble Bees class. During each month the children in this class will have age appropriate sensory activities and different science activities to learn how things work, grow and feel. The teacher in the Butterflies clas creates 3-D art projects and outstanding activities to make the learning and classroom come to life for the children. In this classroom, we also encourage and help children with the potty training goals as in the Bumble Bees class. Children bring about a sense of self esteem when they know they are able to use the restroom with success.


The Caterpillars class holds four and five year olds preparing for kindergarten.  In this classroom, the teacher follows the monthly themes but the main focus is on their writing skills and learning the letters of the alphabet. They also focus on counting from 1-100 and learning how things work. This class will practice with mixing colors together and performing science experiments to see an end result. It teaches the children that it is important to have something to work toward and when they succeed they have a sense of gratification and wonderment. It encourages them to want to learn more. They will also learn about using appropriate manners, rules, using "feeling" words when solving problems with friends, and how to express what they are feeling to others. The children will learn about putting simple numbers together and sequencing the correct order of numbers. During their circle time, the children practice days of the week as well as reading books, singing songs, and interacting with each other in a more classroom setting. We feel that through this program, the children are ready to enter kindergarten by the time they reach the end of their preschool year. We have had much success with the children in doing the curriculum this way. The teacher in this class puts in many extra hours to ensure the children are receiving the best education she can provide for them.

School Age Children

During September to May, we provide before school and after school care. Currently we transport to Ogden Preparatory Academy, Birch Creek and Washington Terrace Elementary Schools. We feel it is important that children have someone there and waiting for them when they exit their school learning environment. Therefore, we help parents who are unable to be there at that time, by offering to pick up their child to ensure they are taken care of until their parents are relieved form their other obligations. We find it a joy to be a part of each of the children's lives and learning experience. During the Summer, we provide a summer camp program that allows the children six and older to explore the community in a fun inviting way. We are able to take the children, three times a week, to enjoy different activities such as: the Tree House, Fish Farm, Bowling, Mini Golf, Movie Theater, and the Nature Center, just to name a few. Other offered learning activities include, Cooking Classes, Science Projects and a Reading Camp.  We have had much success with this program in the Summer. The parents have loved to put their children in a program where they continue learning throughout the summer break.